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Operation CIO update

So last night we had 4 night wakings. Down from 8 or so  previously. She cried for 9, 18, 0 & 4 minutes for those wakings after I nursed her and put her back down.

Also of the 4 wakings only 2 were after I went to sleep and we got a 3 hour and 4 hour stretch of sleep in there. Yay!


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4 losses (cp Feb 28 09, mc April 9 09 (5w5d), mc Aug 10 09 (7w1d), d&c Apr 12 10 (grew to 6w3d, mc confirmed at 8w5d). RX: Overies PCOS (hormones normal) & Balanced Translocation of Ch. 7 & 13 (40-50% mc risk)

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Re: Operation CIO update

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