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**Jewel, xkimx, & skroops**

Did any of you have trouble with your cloth diapers fitting the kiddos when they got to the age of 2? We mostly use Bum Genius 3.0's and T's have been starting to feel tight to me lately and then last week she told DH she didn't want those diapers because they hurt her. She was only 25 lbs at her 2 yr ck up, so I thought we'd be good for while longer...or at least to get us through potty training. I don't know if it's maybe due to the inserts we've been using. We've been using the really long/big one and the small one together (that come with the diapers) because the amount the comes out now is so much more than when she was younger.
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Re: **Jewel, xkimx, & skroops**

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    Yeah, I got a much better fit with FB OS once Charlie was that size (plus the velcro on the BGs stopped holding!)

    Maybe try a hemp insert? They are thinner 

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