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CP: Creepy crawlies

If you had to pick one to have in your house which would it be?

Re: CP: Creepy crawlies

  • I can't vote in this poll, it makes me shudder to think of any of them being in my house.
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  • imageMrsDiff22:
    I can't vote in this poll, it makes me shudder to think of any of them being in my house.


    I feel lucky we have no rats or snakes here.  The only spiders I see are small and easily killed with one hit of my (ok, DH's) shoe. 

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  • Where's the "none of the above" option Embarrassed
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  • I picked spider, only b/c we find spiders in the house from time to time. While I do not like them and make DH deal with them, I can live.

    If I found a snake or a rat in my house I would FREAK the F OUT!

    You should have seen me after I found the dead, drowned frog in our washing machine!!! I'm shaking as I type this!!!

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  • I had a pet tarantula for a while.

    She was super sweet, and everyone who came over wanted to see/hold her so it was a great conversation starter. 

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