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Hospital/OB rec in Fairfield, Westchester or Rockland

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I am new to TTC and high risk (autoimmune disesase and chronic hypertension 29 yo). I am moving from Westchester to Rockland County. I met with perinatologist Dr. Annette Bond at Greenwich hospital and really liked her, but still need an OB practice and have not heard great things about the two practices that deliver at Greenwich. Where did you deliver, who was your OB and how were your experiences?

I would like to deliver as naturally as possible, even though I will probably need to be in hospital, so any advice about midwives, doulas, water births, intervention rates would also be helpful.

Thank so much for your advice!


Re: Hospital/OB rec in Fairfield, Westchester or Rockland

  • Where in Rockland where you be moving and how far are you willing to travel to see a doctor? You'll want to look into an OB that can deal with your high risk issues. Your regular OB now should be able to offer a few names to you.

    Are you willing to travel to NYC? I know of a few there.

  • I'm only 12 weeks, but planning to deliver at Stamford with Dr. Russell Turk of Riverside OBGYN. I went with his practice because he usually delivers his own patients rather than the practices with 6-10 OBs and you get whoever is on call that day.

    He is a big proponent of natural childbirth and though Stamford is not the lowest for C-sections, interventions, etc, he said he has been happy delivering there and his patients have felt supported. He is very welcoming of doulas, etc and also experienced with high-risk pregnancies. There is even a naturopath as part of his practice.

    Stamford has a level 3 NICU and a great reputation as an academic hospital.

    Hope that's helpful.

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  • I will be delivered at Greenwich in the next couple of weeks and many friends have delivered there- it's an excellent hospital.  My OB is Dr. Reiss in Rye....not sure why you want to deliver at Greenwich when moving to Rockland though.....
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