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OB referral in Westchester, Rockland, or Fairfield County


I am new to TTC and high risk (autoimmune disesase and chronic hypertension 29 yo). I am moving from Westchester to Rockland County. I met with perinatologist Dr. Annette Bond at Greenwich hospital and really liked her, but still need an OB practice and have not heard great things about the two practices that deliver at Greenwich. Where did you deliver, who was your OB and how were your experiences?

I would like to deliver as naturally as possible, even though I will probably need to be in hospital, so any advice about midwives, doulas, water births, intervention rates would also be helpful.

Thank so much for your advice!


Re: OB referral in Westchester, Rockland, or Fairfield County

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I used to live and work as a doula in Rockland-moved to the city. I know a ton of families who have adored working with Dr. Hackell in Pomona, NY. All of the midwives in the county are fantastic, I'm guessing it will just be a personal preference. Good luck!


  • I had a TERRIBLE experience with Greenwich Hospital.  They missed 3 major problems that would have cost my daughter her life.  I also went to Dr. Viola's practice and they missed the problems as well.  If you choose to stay with  Greenwich, stay far, far, far away from this practice and Dr. Stella.  Luckily, I didn't feel right about them and switched when I was 6/12 months pregnant.   Greenwich admitted they missed my problems and threw away all my bills.  I think they were just so happy I wasn't suing them.  I have to run, but I'd be happy to share more with you.  Send me a note if you're interested.  


    Greenwich was very, very scary and personally, I would never to back.  They were so bad that when my water broke early at 29 weeks I didn't even tell the ambulance that I went there. I would have preferred anyone else over them.


    Good luck! 

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