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TT on the Boppy

I see everyone's LOs doing TT on the Boppy pillow and their heads are so high!  My little guy really can't get his head high at all.  When he's on the big boppy, how do you have their legs?  Are they tucked under, straight?  I've tried the big boppy, a mini version of the boppy that came with playmat, no pillow.  But, when we're holding him, his head is all over the place and he holds it and turns it really well when we sit him up.  Any suggestions?


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Re: TT on the Boppy

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    When I put mine on their boppies I just lay their legs straight. I also put them up high enough to where thier underarms are resting on the boppy. They move themselves up or down from there. Sometimes they push with their feet and hang their face over the pillow like they are going to do a face plant on the floor, but other times they push up with their arms or back and end up sliding down into the boppy. I'm always right there to keep repositioning them though.

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    When DD is being lazy and won't lift her head I will push her up on her elbows more.  This almost forces her head up and she seems to enjoy it more.  After did this a few times in the begining even after her arms would slip some she would still lift her head, almost like she needed a reminder that she could. 

    Sometimes I put her more on her knees but just because she will rock and try to get herself in that position and gets frustrated.  She already tries to scoot almost looks like she is trying to crawl in this position and she has really worked on her leg muscles.  A co-worker who had her baby in April commented on how her legs were way stronger than her sons not sure if this had anything to do with it.  (Hoping maybe she will start crawling early, since she hates being left alone, then she can just follow me :))

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