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Enfamil Gentlease

Have any of your moms tried this?

Lately LO has been really fussy and gassy and I am thinking of trying her on this.

Currently she is on Enfamil Newborn.


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Re: Enfamil Gentlease

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    I haven't because my LO is on Nutramigen for milk/soy protein allergy but I've read on here that many moms find it works great for their LO.
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    We are using it, as well as gas drops. Works well. Soon I will try transitioning him to the store brand gentle cause this shiits expensive! I've also heard good things about Gerber Good Start Gentle.
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    We were using it but it did not work....We had to put our LO on Similac Soy due to the protein in the milk based formulas.  It is hard for them to digest and that is what makes them colicy and fussy. 
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    Yes, DS is 50/50 formula and breastmilk and does so, so much better on the Gentlease.  On the Infant and Newborn he was only pooping every 3-5 days, incredibly gassy and fussy as the days progressed between poops.  Now he can still clear a room with his gas, but he is happy and pooping on a more manageable 1-3 day schedule.

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    We moved our LO to Gentlease w/ gas drops & he was having more frequent BM with less fussiness before he had them!

    We have now successfully switched to the Target brand of the Gentlease (same ingredients!!) and are having the same results for 1/2 the cost! Whoo hooo!

    Good Luck!

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    Yes, there was a huge difference between the newborn and the Gentlease, she is sleeping MUCH better, less gassy, and pooping more. 

    It's great for gassy/fussy babies.  

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    Gentlease has been working really well for my LO. Has helped a lot with gas.
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    That's what DS2 used when he was little.  it was less thick then the regular Enfamil.
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    Thanks, ladies! I went and picked some up tonight. It says 24 hours for results so I guess we will see! I'll let you all know!
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