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First day of work & AWing DS

This was the first time I've ever left DS... He stayed home with Daddy. I'm only working part-time and today was a super short shift (only 3 hours), but I missed him so much!

I left SO a whole page (front & back) of "instructions", like how much BM to give him in a bottle (which was kind of a guess, since he rarely takes one), what his nap schedule was like, how to mix his cereal... 

I was really worried that I would come home to a screaming baby because he is NOT a fan of the bottle, but on my way home, SO sent me this:


My kid, who usually SCREAMS when we try to give him a bottle was happily chugging away and holding it by himself! 

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Re: First day of work & AWing DS

  • So cute!
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  • Cute! Glad it went well :)
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  • How cute.
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  • Look at those big marshmalllow hands!  How cute!  And great job, little buddy! 

    Isaac is STILL not holding his bottle, despite having been given one from birth.  Tongue Tied

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  • What a good boy!
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  • Good job, little man! I'm sure your mama and daddy very much appreciate your cooperation on the bottle-front today!
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  • Awww... the first day is the hardest!
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  • Aw big boy! What a cutie :)
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