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What's the going rate?

I asked a friend of mine to babysit my 5 week old for a couple hours while my husband and I both have conflicts to attend. What is the going rate these days for watching a newborn? Thanks!
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Re: What's the going rate?

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    If she routinely babysits I'd ask what she charges. If she's being a friend I'd ask what she wants for her time (my good friends would likely say nothing) then get her a nice bottle of wine or something for helping you out. Length of time would play into what I got her. Only an hour or two wine, longer would be a pedi or other gift card somewhere. I know if I watched a friend's kid I'd feel weird charging them but appreciate a thank you gift, buy ymmv based on friends.
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    It varies by location.  Average rate where I live for a sitter is $15/hour.
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    Gab! $15?! I'm a full time nurse and only make $22. Must be all about location... Or I chose the wrong career!
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