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Eat Me, Drink Me

I just took my first pill for PPA, 10 mg of Celexa, and I feel like Alice in Wonderland not knowing what will happen.
It is supposed to help 'stabilize' your feeling, but if it takes away the lows, it can take away the highes also.
I know it is best for my health and marriage at this point, but I am still scared, embarassed, worried....

So who has been on it, tell me what to expect?


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Re: Eat Me, Drink Me

  • I was on Celexa for a few years to help control migraines. I don't know about the side effects regarding mood, but I will warn you it made me incredibly nausea for the first few weeks. It was pretty comparable to my morning sickness. I found if I took it with dinner and ate first thing when I woke up in the mornig it helped.

    Just in case you experience the same thing.

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  • I am on Celexa right now for PPD and PPA.  I have been on it for about 2 months and I feel SO much better.  I started to feel like myself again in about 5 or so days.... I felt great by day 10.  I didn't really have any side effects.  I was worried that it would effect my sleep so I take it in the mornings.  I am not sure how it works... but in terms of how it makes me feel... it makes me feel like me again... thats it.... just me.... which I love.
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  • I've been on 20 mg Celexa for 4 months for PPD and I feel so much better.  The first maybe week or so it made me feel kind of anxious, but that went away pretty quickly.  They say it can make you sleepy too, so I've always taken mine at night.  Hope it makes everything more managable for you.  ((HUGS))
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