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My boobs hurt

I can't figure why my chest is hurting so bad.  BFing was going great and then the last couple of days I have been in a ton of pain.  It hurts when he latches, when I let down, and they are generally sore all the time. 

The scary thing is that the pain and soreness reminds me of when I first got pregnant with DS.  I've taken a couple of pregnancy tests (all negative) but I'm still really freaked out.  Has anyone else had sudden pain like this?  I haven't had a fever and it's both breasts.

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Re: My boobs hurt

  • you might need to see a doctor. I had terrible pains in my right bood, eventually getting fever and chills with body aches.  I was diagnosed with mastisis I was given an antibotic shot and a precription. The worst part is I can not nurse baby on that boob I have to pump and dump. Do not let it get that far....good luck!
  • Every time my milk lets down it hurts. My breasts have always been very sensitive but shirts even with nursing pads feel like cheese graters. Ice and cold makes it feel better, my lactation specialist said I just have some swelling from my heavy milk production. She suggested feeding from one breast for 2 or 3 feedings, and allowing the milk to slow down in one breast at a time. I am too scared of losing milk to do that though. Redness, hard bumps, body aches and fever are a direct trip to the doctor so don't ignore those but pain doesn't necessarily mean anything is terribly wrong.
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