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Pumping and freezer stash

LO started daycare this week, and my pathetic excuse for a freezer stash is essentially gone. I had more, but I had surgery a week and a half ago and ended up having to use some at that point. I really want to continue BFing and pumping until LO is at least six months old, which is for two more months. I may even go longer than that, but I'll decide when (if) I make it to six months. At this point, I'm afraid I will only have enough for tomorrow and Friday, and at that point I'll run out. I know it will be the weekend then, so I won't have to use any that I pump. Is there anything I can do to save my BF adventures? I'm scared that if I run out, I'll have to start using formula, and it will mess everything up. I currently pump twice a day at work. Usually I pump around 6am, noon, 3pm, and before bed, with LO nursing between 6pm and bedtime. I typically get 4oz per session, which is one bottle for him. I usually only pump when I feel full. Would pumping more often, even if I don't get much, really increase my supply? I'm somewhat desperate to figure something out, and I'm afraid I've waited too long. :(


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Re: Pumping and freezer stash

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    I usually only pump when I feel full. Would pumping more often, even if I don't get much, really increase my supply?


    it should, but may take a bit. Cans you add one between 6am and noon? That's a long stretch. Adding one in the middle of the night could work too, but then you're up in the middle of the night...
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  • Try all the easy stuff first, eat more protein and complex carbs. Drink more water, etc.

    I'd also try power pumping before bed. Camp out in front of the tv and do an hour of power pumping every night for a week.

    Also, dont beat yourself up about formula. I read somewhere that LO only has to get 16oz of breastmilk a day to maximize on all the antibodies in it. If you have to have one bottle of formula a day it's okay.

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  • Yeah, it stinks, but the only way I was able to increase milk pumped was pump more frequently. And for sure try to pump through at least 2 letdowns.
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  • I would suggest not just pumping when you feel full.  I was told by my LC to pump for every 3 hours we are apart.  Also, as people said, any pumping session you add I was told will help to increase supply (the supply and demand theory) and that it usually takes 24 hours to notice a difference.  I am still at home with DS 2 but have already added to pumping session to my BFing (AM and PM) to help with supply.
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