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2nd(+) timers... Restocking question.

Ok so while going through the provided checklist of what to have for baby, it's all basically all the stuff you already have from baby one. (ie. crib, stroller, carseat clothes etc.)

What are the items that you went/are going to restock up on. Your must haves for little one's arrival home. I have a small list , (basically ointments, diapers, replacement bottle parts, nooks, etc). However, for some reason I feel like I'm totally preggo braining out-- or forgetting because I already had it on hand from my shower vs going to go get.  Granted the store is literally around the corner from me, but I like to be prepared.

( I know this should also help 1st timers to know what to have on hand and really focus on having it all ready to go)


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Re: 2nd(+) timers... Restocking question.

  • The items on my list are:

    After birth care for myself (pads, tucks pads, dermoplast spray, peri bottle, nipple cream)

    Diaper for baby


    Milk storage bags for oversupply



    Diaper Genie refills

    Replacemnet Nipples for bottles 

    New pacifiers

    Baby wash


    Other than that I think I have everything I need already.


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  • See I knew I was forgetting something... "ME" stuff... ( although, most I'll get from the hospital). I agree with your list as it's pretty similar to mine. I just can't shake this feeling though... it's aggrevating. I guess all apart of "nesting"
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  • After care for myself - Tucks, pads, ibuprofen, etc

    Possibly bottles or maybe just nipples (haven't decided if we're using the same bottles)

    Swing (we borrowed one last time)

    Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

    Replacement pump parts (tubing, membranes)

    Nipple cream

    Breast pads


    Baby girl clothes

    I think that's it?  We CD so no need for diapers


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  • I am running low on some items anyway so here is what is on my list:

    baby shampoo, q-tips, thermometer, diapers, Aquaphor, Tylenol, lanolin cream, breast pads, and bottles

    That is all I can think of that I need right now. Now, my want list is much larger! And, I totally feel like I'm not going to be prepared for some reason. I know I should have most of the things I need which makes me feel like I'm going to forgot lots. I hope DH doesn't mind going to the store  for me. 

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  • Diapers

    Saline spray

    New bottle nipples

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  • Yeah, some good stuff has already been mentioned. The biggest thing I "stocked up" on was frozen dinners for the first couple of weeks after baby arrives. I swear, if people hadn't brought us food after #1, we wouldn't have eaten. We had NO idea how time consuming a newborn is. I didn't want to make that mistake twice, so I cooked a bunch of meals and froze them. :)
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  • Not "restocking" items, but I did have to remember to buy

    -2nd humidifier

    -2nd sound/white noise machine


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  • For DS2 I got another humidifier (they didn't share a rom), a hotsling, a hooter hider....and restocked all of the obvious baby essentials.
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  • Basically, anything that has to be disposed of (one time use).  Like diapers, ointment, pacifiers, etc.  I've bought all new onsies cause most of them were ruined by my other two boys.  Also, bibs, bottles, BF storage bags, toiletries (brush, comb, nail clippers, etc).

    BRU is having a great sale on their clothes right now, so that's where I'm headed this wknd. 

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  • I am trying to get another pump through my health insurance, if not, then I'll need to re-stock on all the spare parts for the pump. Nipples for the bottles, BM storage bags, pads for myself, dipers (I'll have a small pack of each brand to see which one works better for LO, once I figure that out I'll order more.). I've been trying to get some winter clothes because we are having a boy this time around and all the clothes that I have are pink. I'll have DH take out of storage all of DD's clothes, so I can look through it and see if I can reuse anything, if not then we'll need to get more.

    I am considering a double stroller, because DD will only be 2 when LO arrives. We'll probably deal with what we have for the first 6 months and then will get a double lightweight stroller.

    Some toys that LO can keep in his crib. Some new blankets as DD is very attached to hers and some crib sheets, as I only have a couple for DD.

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  • Bottles(I prefer new ones each round), burp cloths, peroxide for umbilical cord, diapers, bottle washer brush, tucks, desitin, socks for baby, cheap Gerber onesies for under sleep sacks...that's all I can think of at the moment.
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  • This time we've gotten or will get for baby#3:

    Stuff for me (lanolin, pads, tucks, etc)

    Heavy blue blankets (since all our heavy blankets are pink and we will need warmer blankets to put on carseat since he'll be born in November)

    a couple packs of newborn disposable diapers

    a couple packs of size 1 disposable diapers

    a couple boy colored diaper covers (we mostly CD)

    new snappis because I broke all my other ones

    a few new wetbags

    baby shampoo

    new bottles but not buying till after baby is here, not making that mistake again

    replacement pump parts for the stuff that wears out (valves)

    milk storage bags

    a new sling because ours got recalled

    room decor stuff

    small boy colored swaddle blankets



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  • For me, I got breast pads because I'm nursing.

    For my little guy, I got new bottles (for when I pump), blankets, burp cloths, baby book and that's about it.  I'm having my third boy, so I am pretty stocked up on anything else.  Of course I got him a new outfit to come home in too :)

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