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What a week

I think everyone I'm friends with on FB knows, but for everyone else I "know" here's the latest. Bennett Miles arrived on his own on Sunday via an amazingly successful vbac. He was 8 lbs, 1 oz and 20.75" long. It was awesome, incredible, etc. I will get a full birth story posted in my blog sometime soon. We are doing great, with the exception of awful hemmies and little B had elevated bilirubin levels so we had to stay an extra day at the hospital and didn't get home until late this afternoon. My parents had been staying at our house taking care of S and called this morning to tell us our middle fur baby collapsed and died. She had been not eating much the past week or so and I was in hopes that as soon as we got discharged, DH could take her to the vet. Apparently she couldn't hang on that long. We didn't get to say goodbye and I'm a wreck. I feel like the worlds worst dog mommy--too busy with myself and the kids to do something. So we gained and lost a family member this week.
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Re: What a week

  • Congrats On the arrival of Bennett, Jen and family! I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog. :( You must be going through a ton of emotions right now. ((HUGS))

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  • Congrats on your new little one!  I'm so glad that you are both doing well.

    So sorry about your pup :(

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  • Congratulations on the arrival of your son! And great job on a successful VBAC! You're amazing!

    (((HUGS))) for your dog. I'm so sorry. It's so hard. I'm sure your dog knew how much you loved her, and I'm sure she thinks you're a great dog mom!
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  • Oh wow, such an emotional rollercoaster!  I'm so sorry about your pup - it is so hard to lose a pet!

    And congratulations to you and your family on little B!  I can't wait to read more and see pics! 

    Again - congratulations!

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  • Congrats! That's great you were able to do a VBAC!
    I'm so sorry about your dog, though! It's so hard losing a pet. :( ((hugs))
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  • Congratulations to you, your H, and Savannah on the arrival of Bennett!  So glad to hear the birth went well.  Can't wait to see some pics :)  I'm so sorry about the loss of your doggie.  Please take care and give yourself some slack momma!  (HUGS)
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  • Congrats on Bennett's arrival. So proud of you!

    Sorry about your pup. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her

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  • Congrats again on that handsome little guy! 

    So sorry to hear about your doggy.  :-( 

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  • Congratulations on the arrival of Bennett - I love his name.

    And I am so very sorry about the loss of your furbaby. 

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