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Hi from Atlanta! Need some help!

Hi, ladies.  I hail from a fairly active board in Atlanta.  One of my HS friends just found out this weekend her daughter (who is a 5 month old twin) has a brain tumor.  Its been a whirlwind few days but she has had successful extensive brain surgery already and has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  They are hopeful since they were able to remove the visible parts of the tumor but due to the cancer there will be chemo.  It is going to be a long haul.  Both parents are pediatricians so they are armed and ready for this battle.  Also there are so many prayer warriors out there for them its just unbelievable.

So, onto my question.  Here in Atlanta we have a wonderful dinner service called Dinner A'fare where you can either go in and prepare dinners (you freeze them but you make them from fresh ingredients) to heat and serve later or they prepare them for you as a "stand in" and deliver the meals.  They are great for new mommies, etc.  I wanted to arrange for some meals to be sent to baby Reese's family but there is no Dinner A'fare in Indianapolis (where the children's hospital is).  Do ya'll have another outlet of that type or a caterer or restaurant that would be willing to deliver to the hospital with prepared food?  If so, could you pass along the information so I can make arrangements?

And please, if you would offer your local prayers for Baby Reese that would also be much appreciated.  And another thought.  We have so many wonderful photographers on our local board I just know you have some talented ladies here as well.  I would like to arrange a photography session for their family when Reese is released from the hospital.

Please feel free to contact me at marthafwade at gmail.  Reference this post so I recognize you.  Thanks so much!

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