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Storing pumped milk ?

I was going to start pumping and storing milk for when my LO goes to daycare in a couple months. He will be 3 months old, but I don't know how much I should store in each bottle/bag.

 How much milk does a 3-6 month old baby usually drink each time on average?  I don't even know since I'm just BF'ing right now.

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Re: Storing pumped milk ?

  • I store it in whatever amount I get from a pumping session, but almost always less than 6oz. (on the rare occasion I get more than 6 I store the milk from each breast separately to break it up). BM fed babies max out around 25-30oz a day, so decide that by the number of feedings and that's about what they take each time. I thin 4-5 oz is pretty standard. I figure we can combine/divide the bags as needed for bottles- if you defrost but don't heat it you have 24 hrs to use the milk, so I'll defrost in the fridge.
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  • Judging by what I have read from other moms, I think it varies between babies. I would say 4-6 oz. Our pedi recommended freezing in various quantities, that way we weren't wasting anything- we could pull out 1-2 bags depending on LO's needs at the time.

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  • DS is almost 3 months and eating 5oz
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  • I always freeze in 5oz. increments since breast milk changes as your baby grows they should generally drink the same amount from a bottle at 3 months that they do at 6 months and 9 months and so on. 

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  • Thanks for all your responses! That was very helpful! Now I need to get pumping!!
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