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Dumb question re: wool soakers

I've been knitting for years, so I'm pretty sure I'd have no problem making my own.  I saw a pattern online that talked about using "roving" wool - do I have to buy that or can I buy regular yarn at the fabric store and then lanolize the soaker once it's done?
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Re: Dumb question re: wool soakers

  • Regular wool yarn is fine.   I think roving would felt too much.  I believe you can go as low as 80% wool, but I usually stick with 100%.  I should add that I don't knit, but I buy for my MIL to knit my soakers/longies.  I've used pure wool, cascade, and hand died BFL merion wool.
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  • any type of 100% non-superwash wool will work (I've even used some wool/alpaca blends in the past).  For local stuff I usually get either patons classic wool or if I go to the local yarn shop cascade 220 wool.  I also like the stitch nation wool.  I've used both the Alpaca Love and Full O' Sheep from that brand.
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  • Roving sounds like a nightmare to use. That's the wool before it's spun. I'd just use worsted weight wool and go for it.


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