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Shower Woes...

I know this is going to sound kind of bad but I have been having a crazy hormonal week so...oh well.  So my shower was rescheduled because of the stinkin' hurricane....and now it has been cancelled indefinitely.  My mom just found out she is having surgery next week and it will put her out of commission for 6 weeks...aka until LO's due date...and I don't want her to be stressed or working to reschedule the shower so I told her to just cancel it.  But I still am upset that I won't get to have the shower experience(ie- cake, family, friends and surprises), even though I know its for a good reason.  I am being slightly selfish....but like I said...I am having a hormonal kind of week....UGH!



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  • That's rough :(  Too bad someone else couldn't take up the rest of the hosting duties.

    Maybe you can do something after - like a meet the baby type of event?  


  • i'd be disappointed too! is there a reason you all out cancelled instead of doing it w/out your mom? I am sure she wants you to have a shower, but obviously if it's something major and you'd rather focus on her health than that makes sense.   I am really sorry it's cancelled as of now. hopefully you can work something out and maybe just have a scaled down version at a friends house. GL!

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  • Yeah...I think we plan on doing a meet the baby, cause I feel bad everyone probably bought gifts and now we are not hosting anything for them!  But I will try and host a meet the baby party within a month after the birth....have no idea what the etiquette is for that kind of gig.



  • I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes. I am sorry!!!
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  • I totaly agree with you, we would make it a no gifts kind of party.  I ended up just buying most of the things on the registry...minus some of the stuff you don't need until we don't really need anything anyway.  I just think it would fun to have all our fam and friends get together for the baby!  Plus we don't know if its a boy or a girl so it makes it more exciting and fun for party favors and decorations once we know!!



  • I agree with PP, a meet the baby event might be nice.  
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