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Whitney is not fazed by the feeder, she would rather chew a book or my arm. LOL. i did not try frozen yet,but i will tmrw. Maybe that will go better. The same girl who when I hand her 17 dollar sophie, she chucks it for the dogs. lol

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Re: MrsLynnyD

  • Try again tomorrow - what did you put in it? The first time wasn't great for us either. I think he chewed the handle more than the net.

  • How do you use these things without making a complete mess? I tried it twice (frozen banana both times) and by the time DD was done with it her onesie was permastained, her entire body/hair was sticky and her swing cover had to be washed. I haven't tried it since because I don't trust her to not make a mess of everything.
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  • i did two baby carrots. I got the sassy one too.  I bet  frozen banana will go better and feel good on her gums tomorrow. i put som fruit slices in th freezer tonight for tmrw.


    a mess is nothing, this baby is a barf machine. lol 

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  • MarSamWhitney:

    JT doesn't like frozen anything - it's too hard & cold. I'll defrost it for a bit or run under hot water before I give it to him. Carrots I could see not being a big hit cause it's not sweet or mushy enough for my guy. I think carrots will work great when he's teething though.


    JT does make a mess. I put one of those giant plastic bibs on him (he uses that for every meal anyway) and put him in the highchair so he bangs the mesh feeder on the tray instead of his lap. First time was in the living room in only a diaper on a towel and I thought highchair was much better. He had the Boppy around him too cause he's not the best sitter and needless to say the cover ended up in the wash immediately.

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