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Soooo has anyone gone to the chiropractor throughout their pregnancy and did you think it helped? I'm still going and was told it was ok by my OB. I'm curious to see how he adjusts me when I can't be on my belly anymore. ;)

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  • I went to a chiro all through my first pregnancy and I think it helped a lot.  His table adjusted so that he could still do adjustments while I was on my belly, although I didn't have a very big pregnant belly :)  I don't know if that made a difference.
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  • I started going at about 20 weeks, and it has helped so much.  My ob actually recommended it because my back was hurting so much I couldn't walk.

    The table thing my chiropractor has adjust to accommodate my belly.  :)  I was just there last week, and didn't have any problems.  It actually feels really good to lay like that for a little while.

    I'll find out soon if it helps me get through labor any easier.  :) 

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  • I didn't go last time, but have been since I was 7 or 8 week pregnant due to sacrum/sciatic pain.  It has helped a lot with that, so I plan to keep seeing her.
  • I went throughout my last pregnancy and I will continue to go throughout this one.  I go regularly when I'm not pregnant though too! 


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  • I've gone to a chiro for years so will certainly continue.  Its amazing what they can do for all sorts of random pains.  I love it!
  • I went all through my pregnancy with DS and attribute that and Pilates to only pushing for 22 minutes! My chiro's table adjusted as well and as I got bigger he would adjust me in a face-up position (no more face-down with a big belly.)

    You've reminded me that I need to find a new chiro for this pregnancy! 

    Edit: I just wanted to add that I'm not a fitness nut or anything. I went to Pilates once a week before I got pregnant and stopped in first tri. SO it was probably the chiro that helped the most!  

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  • Just wanted to add in that my husband is a chiropractor, and it is very safe for women to see a chiro during pregnancy. They can help with back and hip pain, and make sure your pelvis is in the best alignment for delivery. Just make sure to find a chiro who has experience with pregnant women.

    Babies need chiropractic too! Think about the trauma their little necks go through during delivery. It can be very helpful with colic and ear infections.

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  • Good to hear...I've been going since December and it's been great for the pain that I got after having my first. I take her there with me to get checked now that she's two..and she did get yanked out of me since it was a c-section, so I'm sure he's helping her get everything straight :) I hope it helps me get a vbac...we'll see!
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