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Sleep Question

Hi there,

DD just turned a year and sleep is still an issue. We successfully used the NCSS to get her out of our bed and room, but she still nurses to sleep and I still have to hold her for naps. I have been trying to break her of the being held for naps, but now she will only sleep for 30 minutes (after being nursed to sleep) vs. the 1-2 hours. She still wakes up a couple times a night. Sometimes we are lucky she wakes up once, but wants to be up at 5:30am. I am feeling really burned out. I am a SAHM so between holding her for naps or her lack of napping, the difficulty getting her to go down at night and waking up through the night, I am just drained.

What has worked for you? Any advice? We asked SIL to stay overnight with her this Saturday (first night ever) and I know it is going to be horrific but we don't know what else to do or what to resume to on Sunday.

Thanks so much.

Re: Sleep Question

  •  How many naps, 2? If so, are both 30 minutes? I was looking at sleep schedules on Baby Center and most mentioned a short 1st nap (30 - 60 minutes) and then a 2-3 hour 2nd nap. 

     When she wakes up at night, who goes to her, you or DH? Since you're nursing, and if you don't nurse during the middle of the night, I've read to let DH put her back down. Mom can be too stimulating. If you convince your DH to do this, please let me know how.

     Ditto to lengthen the 2nd nap time. If LO wakes up too soon, have DH try to put her back down to get used to sleeping longer.

  • When I was holding her her first nap would be 45-1 hour and the 2nd nap would be and hour and half to 2 hours. Now that I put her down she sleeps 30 minutes and the past two days she doesn't even take the first nap.

    A few weeks ago we started having DH go in to soothe her. I do breastfeed but at this point we want the night feedings to end. He goes in and she just screams. The other night she screamed for 3 hours straight.

    As far as how to get DH to help, he is just really supportive. She has not all night ever since she was born. He wants to help change it. He knows that I am stressed out and I have shed tears.

  • When we broke our DS of his night eating he was 4 months, and would get up 2-3 times to eat. When we both had the next few days off work we decided to break him of both. He would also scream his head off for at least an hour.  DH would step in and take him into the living room and talk to him- in a you don't have to sleep but your not eating sort of way, but with the lights out. That lasted a few nights then it just stopped and he slept through the night. Only had a few nights of problems since then and we think its teething related- and one random night terror (or nightmare) First night was horrible, second was not bad and third was not really noticeable.

    How are your feedings during the day? Is he on a schedule or on demand feedings? If he is snacking he might be too hungry to go all night, so you might need to schedule his feedings so he eats more at each meal.

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