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where are baby's shoes?

This seems like a silly question, but I'm having trouble figuring out where to put shoes.  Seems weird to have them on the floor, I guess since they're so little.  Where are your baby's shoes?
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Re: where are baby's shoes?

  • in a basket on a shelf in the closet. Except the shiny mary janes. Those are displayed on her changing table hutch :) 
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  • we have a low shelf in their closet thats actually the top of a cuby organizer we are keeping them there. once LOs are here and eventually start walking and getting them dirty I'd say I'll be moving them to their closet floor.

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  • We have those baskets or I guess they are more like canvas totes that are on the top shelf of the bookcase.


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  • We have a plastic tote with 4 drawers in his closet, all full with different sizes.
  • Current size is on a shelf in armoire.  Bigger sizes are tucked away on a shelf in the actual closet.  Make sure you keep the current ones visable or you will forget about them (like I did). 
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  • In a drawer.  Now we actually have started using shoes (DD started walking 10 days ago).  She is obsessed with shoes, so they cannot be within reach.

  • in the lower shelf of his closet
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  • Shoes?

    None to speak of. He wears socks or goes barefoot.

    We have fuzzy slippers for him to wear when we're outside in cooler weather. I keep those in a dresser drawer with his socks.

  • They're in a little basket on top of the dresser. The basket matches the room so it looks cute.
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