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Great Appt + Scheduled a/s u/s!

Had a fantastic appt with my OB today; not only was the baby being super-active (LO kicked at the doppler, which made my OB laugh), but found out that my OB is 100% supportive of us getting a doula! Not that I thought she wouldn't, but it's still nice to have confirmation; now I just need to send the retainer to the doula we interviewed and we'll be good to go. Big Smile

Also, we have our a/s u/s scheduled now, for the last workday before DH's birthday (Oct 7th)! He's excited to get off work early for his b-day weekend and get to see the LO as the beginnings of the festivities. Big Smile

It's so cool to think that by the time we get to the a/s, we'll be over halfway thru the pregnancy!

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