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Domperidone Concerns

Hey everyone. I have gone back through a few pages of posts and seen a couple on dom, but I have a few questions. I have posted here before, but here is a little background: My precious little baby is now 9 weeks. I have had low supply from the beginning. I currently make approximately 5-6 oz a day based on pumping estimations and how much formula supplementation she needs. I am on every herb remedy for low supply: mother's milk special blend tincture, fenugreek tablets, brewer's yeast, kelp. I eat oatmeal with milled flaxseed every morning and drink a ton of fluids. I pump after every nursing, even during the night. All of these things brought my supply up from about 3 oz/day, which is great! But I want to do more. 

 I know a lot of the women on here have tried dom, and I really want to try it too, but I am hesitant. I see that I can get it on inhousepharmacy, but should I be concerned that I can't get it from a pharmacy here? My OB said she would prescribe it for me and my pedi said she thought it would be ok, I guess I am just a little concerned. I have read a lot about it online. But I would love to hear thoughts and personal experiences. And if I am being a little over cautious, someone to tell me to get over it!  

 So, not to completely copy a previous post...

How much do you take, how effective was it, any side effects? Did you have any concerns before taking it and if so, how did you get over them?  



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Re: Domperidone Concerns

  • You CAN get domperidone in the US.  You have to go to a compunding pharmacy though.  Your OB can write the script, and the compounding pharmacy will fill it.  Unfortunately, it's very expensive and insurance will likely not cover it.  That's why most women go through

    I think you have to decide your own comfort level when taking any medications.  Personally for me, it was never a big deal.  I knew that I wanted to breastfeed exclusively, and all the herbs in the world were not upping my supply enough.  So domperidone was the choice I made. 

    I have been on it now for almost 8 months.  I started out taking 90mg a day (3 pills, 3 times a day), and now that we only nurse a few times a day, I have weaned down to 40ms a day.

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  • The public health nurse in Canada has just recommended that I take it and I need to get a prescription from my nurse practitioner for it next week- she made it sound like it wouldn't be a problem. She gave me a fact sheet from Dr Jack Newman which basically has imagethis information on it.

    It says that the FDA issued a warning about it being dangerous, but it is only dangerous when taken intravenously by very sick patients.  It says in the US 'compounding' pharmacies are continuing to provide patients with domperidone.

    I feel totally safe taking it as long as my nurse practitioner agrees with the public health nurse and will prescribe it.

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  • Like pp said, you can get it here, but it's MUCH more expensive than online.  You don't need a prescription online either.

    I took 30mg three times a day at first, now I'm down to twice a day.  It was extremely effective.  I went from supplementing with every feed to absolutely no supplementing at all within two weeks.  The first week I was kind of dizzy, but it disappeared quickly.  I was worried about taking something not under a doctor's supervision, but after I had no issues and my supply increased so dramatically, it was the best breastfeeding decision I made.  I would have quit breastfeeding if not for the domperidone.  Here is a website with more info...

    scroll down to the domperidone topic

    Edit: funny, posted same info at the same time as pp!

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  • thank you ladies. I feel like it is the only thing I haven't tried so far and it is worth it. I feel like if I don't try it I will always look back and wonder "what if..." So thank you for your responses, I think I will order it today!

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