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Thyroid and Pregnancy

Hi there!

 Is anyone taking medication for your thyroid? I am hypo thyroid and have been going to my primary/internal medicine doctor for a while. She checked my thyroid levels a few weeks back and everything seems normal.

I'm just concerned that if they go up or down too much, I could have a mc.

If you are taking medication like me to treat your thyroid, does your OB monitor you more? Or do they treat you like a normal pregnancy? I won't have my first prenatel appointment until next Thursday and ultrasound sometime after that whenever they schedule me.


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Re: Thyroid and Pregnancy

  • I have hypo as well and I am currently taking Synthroid 150 mcg's. I have a seperate doctor that does my blood work for my thyroid and makes sure that I am on point. I got my levels tested a few weeks back and they were ok and I have to go back in a month to make sure that they will still be ok.

    The doctor said that when you start getting further along in your pregnancy you may need your meds adjusted because your levels are likely to change.  Since I will be hitting my 2nd trimester in a about 3-4 weeks I will have to go back.

    My docotors are monitoring me but they are not as worried about my thyroid as they are with my incompetent cervix!

    Good luck and make sure that you are adressing these concerns w/ your doc during your visit!!!

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  • I had mine checked at 5 weeks and will have them checked again next week at 10 <:
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  • Your OB will monitor it while you are pregnant. My first appointment with the OB is not until Friday, so I don't know the protocol on how often you'll get checked. My RE has me taking two extra doses per week to stay on top of it. You are not likely to miscarry. Low thyroid is more closely associated with cognitive disability in the baby. But- don't worry- you'll be monitored closely.
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  • Thanks ladies...I need to call my primary dr back to see if I should get checked again in the next few weeks.

    And I will def. address these concerns with my OB.

    And I am Maria Singer....I couldn't stop staring at your siggy! LOL!

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  • I have Hashimotos (hypo). I get checked every 4-6 weeks and my dosage was already upped as I know it will need to be changed. Your ob should keep a pretty close watch on you but if you don't feel like they are checking often enough remind them.
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  • I'm on synthyroid.  My dr. told me to come in if I was pregnant.  I called his office as soon as I got my bfp and saw him yesterday.  My levels were off a little bit so he adjusted my dose and I'll go back in a few weeks.  Call your doctor.  They'll probably want to monitor you more closely while you're pregnant.
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  • I'm on synthroid and have my levels checked every 4 weeks.  You should talk to your doctor since the required thryoid levels change throughout pregnancy and your dosage may change with weight gain.  It's a simple blood test monthly and the rest of my first pregnancy was relatively simple and we have a very healthy (and IMO very advanced) 2.5 year old.  Good luck!
  • I have no thyroid (had it irradiated 4 years ago) and am completely controlled by Synthroid.  I went into my doctor's office at 6-7 weeks and had him check my levels since here your first OB appointment is not until 10 weeks.  It was normal.  At my 10 week OB appointment, my TSH had gone up to 31.5.  So now I'm being monitored weekly by my endocrinologist (working with my OB) until we get my levels right.

    The endo said that my need will increase for a while, but then will likely go back down to normal.  So I'm expecting to get blood drawn weekly for quite a while...

    Lots of love to my BFPB, Squishy622 <3

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