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Pubic bone pain

So for the last two weeks I've been having this awful pain in my pubic area. It seriously feels like I got horse kicked there. It's been getting progressively worse and is starting to drive me a little nuts. The pain is at it's worst when I turn over in bed, climb stairs, put on pants/underwear, climb into/out of bed, or get up from a seated position. So far I have been handeling the discomforts of pregnancy pretty well, but this is putting me over the edge. Anyone else feeling this? Any suggestions for a little relief?

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  • I know exactly what you mean.  My doctor called it "pubic symphysis," and told me to try to keep my knees lined up when sleeping and a pillow between them.  I do that most of the time anyways and it still hurts really bad, but hopefully that helps explain what might be going on.
  • ive had this for more than a month, I told my doc about it and she told me its beacuse it means the baby is low and putting pressure on the area. Rolling over in bed and getting changed are near impossible now! Originally I started putting hot packs on the area, but my doc said that would actually make the pain worse because it draws more blood to the area, and that ice packs works better. Since then I've been using ice packs and after the initial shock (cold!!!!!!) it does soothe it a little. good luck!
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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  Like the pp said, it's "symphysis pubis disorder" and it's very painful.  Keep your knees together as much as possible.  Sit down to put your clothes on and use your hands to help put your legs into your pants/shorts.  While relaxing and/or sleeping, keep a pillow squeezed between your knees.  While getting in and out of chairs, bed, the car, etc, try to keep your knees and ankles aligned.  It's not fun but it does help some.

    I hope you can find some relief.

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  • I've been dealing with this for the last month.  It gets worse towards the end of the day and if I walk too much.  My dr told me it's okay to take some non aspirin when its really bad and it has really helped. 
  • I'm there with you!  I agree with the ice pack and tylenol, it helps a bit.  Also, I sit down to get dressed and sleep with a pillow between my legs.  I've found that the longer I go without using the restroom, the worse it feels, so I go whenever I even get the slightest urge!  OH, and only sit on soft chairs.  Hard seats are the WORST!!!!!!!!

  • I had this a couple weeks ago and it has eased up. I even posted about it! It got so bad at one point that I had to have my husband help me out of bed because I couldn't move to go to the bathroom.  It was awful.  I found alot of relief in the Rice Sock!  Fill a tube sock with Rice and heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  It sounds odd, but it really helped me.  You can reheat the rice over and over.  I also recommend putting some lavender or something in there, because the heated rice is kind of rank smelling! 


    Good luck. I hope it goes away like mine has.  I'm still occasionally tender, but it's manageable. 

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