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Breathing monitors?

I've read a bit about these and am curious if anyone is getting a monitor that will alert you if baby stops breathing? Does anyone know how these work exactly?

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Re: Breathing monitors?

  • Yes. We have the Angelcare Monitor. It's fantastic and probably my favorite baby item ever.

    There is a sensor pad that goes underneath the mattress. If baby stops breathing/moving for more than 20 seconds an alarm goes off. It is highly sensitive, so you have to set it up right and experiment with baby until you find the right sensitivity. With our son, if we had the ceiling fan on high (insteadof medium or low) the monitor would pick up the movements of the fan. It's that sensitive.

    Honestly, it's the only way I got any sleep. When my son was an infant I had TWO friends lose their babies to SIDS within two months of each other. It was horrific. I'm so thankful there's a product out there like this.
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  • Wow, thanks for the info. That's pretty interesting, it doesn't seem too expensive if it can give that much piece of mind.
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  • The Angelcare monitor was the only thing that saved our sanity! We love the movement sensor feature.
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  • We LOVE our Angelcare monitor! We used it with DD until she was 11.5 months and we will be using it with DS. It gave me the peace of mind I needed. Also my DD insisted on sleeping on her stomach, which freaked me out and that's when we bought it. We both slept better because I was constantly flipping her over. Definitely worth every penny! We had a few false alarms because the sensitivity wasn't set right but I'd rather a false alarm than the real thing. The ceiling fan on high definitely was picked up on ours too... I can't say enough good things about this monitor!
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