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choosing bottles...UGH!

Even though I'm planning to breastfeed, I still want to have some bottles as well and I'm just not sure which ones are best-without spending a ridiculous amount of money.  I'm getting a 'The First Years' breast pump and I thought getting the same brand of bottles would work fine.  Then a thought occured to me...are there any milk storage bags that you can also use as drop-ins?  I've been considering changing my mind to the drop-ins if they would be cheaper but I haven't been able to find very many brands to compare.  Anyone share my frustration? lol.  What brands of drop ins or bottles have you ladies used?  Any advice, experience, anything would be great! 
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Re: choosing bottles...UGH!

  • I used the Playtex bottles with drop ins. Totally loved them. We went through a couple different bottles before picking up those and loved them. Not only are the drop ins convenient, but I think the Playtex bottles have the best nipples. Just my opinion!
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  • I'm in the same boat as you. When we were deciding we looked at some consumer reports and found the top 5 then we read reviews on all of them. We're going with the playtex dropins based on our research.  Sounded most like what we are looking for.  I encourage you to do the same.  It's really helpful to read the problems others have had with a certain product and see the problems that seem to reapeat themselves over and over throughout each review.  Good luck :)
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  • I used The First Years Breastflow bottles with DS & LOVED them!  They were the first ones we tried & they worked perfectly.  I was a BFer but DS needed bottles at daycare.  These nipples make the baby use the same sucking motiosn as if they are at the breast.  We never had any problems with nipple confusion or him not wanting to go back to the breast because the bottles were easier.  If fact, once I stopped BFing at 9 months, I wanted to switch to a "normal" bottle but DS wouldn't take any of them.  The downside is the 2-part nipples do require more cleaning, but it was never a big deal to me.

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  • I am also going to BF but bought playtex drop ins....heard alot of good things. Plus you dont need as many bottles and easier to clean.
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  • When I pumped, I used the Medela storage bags. Then I would just pour them into the Playtex Drop-Ins and it worked just fine.  
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  • I used the drop-ins with my last child and they worked great.  However, DH is the admin at a child care center and many babies there have a hard time transitioning from the breast to bottle when they come into childcare.  Many families find themselves going through several different types of bottles to find one that the baby will accept.  I wouldn't purchase too many upfront until you know for sure that your baby will accept it.  The Breastflow bottles seem to be a favorite for babies that struggle with the transition. 
  • I also plan to primarily BF - but will have to pump and do some bottle-feeding when I go back to work - every time I hear this question asked the response is "every baby is different."  So, we have picked 3 different types of bottles - 2 Breastflow b/c my sister raves about them, Playtex Drop-ins, and an Avent bottle.  Just to see what works :)
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  • We used the playtex drop-ins also, and loved them. I ended up FF, so it didn't matter to me, but quite a few friends who BF and had trouble with their LO's taking a bottle ended up using the drop-ins also after trying lots of other bottles.
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  • My pump works with playtex drop ins, there are nurser sets that come with the pieces to use them as a breast milk storage set. I loved it with my girls, and will use it again. I only pumped/bf'd them for three weeks due to food allergies. I am hoping to make it much longer with this LO.
  • The only bottles our little girl would use while BF were the playtex drop in's, and she was born with her two bottom baby teeth, every other bottle made her teeth grind against her tongue and this one was also very similar to BF for her I guess B/C she was able to go back and forth easily.  We bought a few "formula pour and stores" from babies r us for freezing and storing, and we would just pour it from there into the drop ins, then sit the bottle with the liner in a bottle heater for like 30 secs and b/c the bag is so thin it heated it up almost immediately. 
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