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Normal? Anyone else have this?

Starting last night I've had clear fluid leaking.  Just wondering if this is something someone else has experienced and wondering what it might be.  I called my dr. office and have an appt on friday and the nurse told me it sounds like a vaginal infection.  No smells, no itching or burning, so she says normally the fluid is associated with a bad odor or itching or burning with a vaginal infection.  Never had this with my other pregnancies and never had any type of infection before besides a bladder infection years ago.  I was worried it would be amniotic fluid but the nurse says there wouldn't be enough at this stage (9weeks).  This fluid has leaked through my underwear once last night and once already today.  Any ideas or suggestions?  I hope its not really an infection....

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Re: Normal? Anyone else have this?

  • I have been sorta leaky lately as well! Haven't worried about it much, because same as you it's clear and odorless. i had the same thing early in my pregnancy with DD and my midwife said it's really just normal vaginal discharge
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  • Thank you ladies for reassuring me!  I just don't remember this with my other pregnancies, but then again I know each one is different.  I wasn't alarmed last night, but when it soaked me today (kinda like I piddled my pants) I though maybe I should call.  I dont feel like there is anything wrong, just a little juicy down under.

    Sorry if this is TMI, but just glad to hear this could be normal:)

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