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Air Travel once LO gets here

Hey Ladies...

I've asked this on the 0-3 month board but am not really getting any answers.

My husband and I are planning on flying from Anchorage Alaska to Baltimore Maryland over the holidays to be with our family. Lucas will be just over 3 months at that time. Just curious if anyone has ever flown with a little one and if you had any suggesstions or experiences.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Air Travel once LO gets here

  • I fly all the time and have been dragging my poor son through airports since he was about 5 weeks old.  Get another seat if you can afford it.  It's safer and so much easier than holding the baby through the flights, esp long ones. .

    I stick the car seat on the stroller and wheel him up to the door of the plane.  Sometimes he doesn't even wake up in between flights and I leave him snoozing in his seat.  I BF so that was easy.  I just brought a nursing cover and nursed him before they started moving the plane, strapped him in and used the cover to create a tent over his head to block out the light.

    Have fun.  

  • Good question.. Its a tough thought huh. We plan on a trip to visit family in thr UK in july next year. LO will be about 9months by then and im nervous about it. Interested to hear responses.
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  • My son has been flying between the UK and the US since he was 3 months old, and my dd has been on 6 flights in 5 months. Flying at a young age is super easy, when they are mobile it is a little more difficult. As they get older bring new toys that will interest them. For babies bring more diapers/food/clothes than you think you will need, and give them something to drink/suck on while taking off and landing.
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