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This is how an addict is made

I received my first fluffy mail today and I think I may trouble. I got a Monkey Snuggles fitted in a bird print and a Bum Cheeks denim diaper. These are so much cuter than my prefolds and now I want more! 

 As a sidenote, my fitted seems like it has a million snaps all over the place to adjust it. How do you know which ones to use?

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Re: This is how an addict is made

  • It gets addicting very fast, lol!

    I'm not familiar with either of those brands, but as far as the snaps go, most fitteds have either a snap-down rise or a fold-down rise. A snap-down-rise will have 2 vertical rows of snaps under the wings of the diaper and you'll snap the top ones down to adjust the rise. A fold-down rise will have places for the wings to snap on the front and inside of the diaper. If you need a smaller rise, fold the top over, and snap the wings onto the inside snaps. Hopefully that makes sense!!!

    Also, I love your siggy pic!

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