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What CDs to get as a gift?

My friend is having a baby and is due in January.  She is CD'ing and I'd like to add to her collection.  I don't CD, myself.  So please tell me what I kind I should get her and where to get them from.

Re: What CDs to get as a gift?

  • Is it her first?

    If she doesn't have anything, a dozen (or more!) prefolds and some covers would be great. Everyone raves about Green Mountain Diapers.

    If you prefer cute to purely practical, there are lots of prints out there. I have a lot of Kawaii, which are pretty inexpensive but have worked well for me. Jack Be Natural sells them.

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    Is it her first?

    It's her 4th, but her current youngest is in middle school so it's been a while.

    I think she has a few prefolds and maybe a couple of pockets.

    I was wanting to get her some of the nicer ones because she is super practical and may not buy those for herself.

  • I'd get her some bumGenius 4.0's or bumGenius Elementals. They're my faves and in my opinion much better than prefolds and covers!
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  • http://www.kellyscloset.com/ is having a sale right now get a free diaper with $69 purchase- plus free shipping. Doubt you plan on spending that much, but it's a sale.

    I would suggest an old standby- All-in-Ones are really easy, and if you aren't sure why type of diaper she plans on using, this would be your best bet. Brand aside, go with an AIO (all-in-one).





  • Thanks!  I'm hoping to get a couple of friends to go in with me.  If not, then I may just end up doing a gift card to one of those places.
  • I was looking around the other day and I saw a cloth diaper cake. It was really neat looking. Maybe that would be a neat idea to make her out the the CDs.



    P.S. My mom is a Jazzercise lady and I used to do it. I would really like to go back but schedule is not working out for me to go yet.

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