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hair dye??

hello i just had a question do any of you guys dye your hair while your pregnant or is that bad??

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Re: hair dye??

  • I have read that salon dye is better than box dye and that highlights are better than all over color (nothing seeps in through your scalp).  I plan on highlighting mine in a well ventilated salon.

    I would not coat myself in box dye that contains metallic salts (lead) in a tiny bathroom.

  • hmm ill have to check into that, i wanted to put some pink in my hair its a simi color so i dont think it will smell as bad as other boxed hair dyes

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  • I've gotten my hair colored with my first and am going this Saturday (thankfully) to get it colored. My doc said it's fine.
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  • I was told not in the first tri.
  • My doctor told me it was fine. I had all over color done this week, and highlights the week prior. It's not the dye that is the problem. It's ammonia. So just don't bleach your hair.
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  • thanks ladys good to know =) my bath room is pretty big with a pretty good fan in it lol so ill make sure to open the window and turn on the fan lol and once its done maybe go sit out side heheh
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  • i'm in a wedding next month and my roots are-a-showin' so yes, i'm going to dye my hair!
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  • It's fine! 2nd Tri might be a better time, if you can wait. Make sure you have plenty of fresh air blowing around :)
    Also, going to a salon is actually worse because it's the fumes you should be worried about, not the skin contact. In a salon, you have the fumes from nail products, perms, dyes, etc whereas at home, it's just one box of dye.
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  • my roots are making me sick , want to dye my hair into my rots / natural color ,

    but im not gonna do that now ! at least not in the 1st trimester :(

    i dont want to harm my LO :(

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  • My dr said no way for the 1st tri, but if I really wanted to, I could do it in the 2nd.
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  • I just had my hair colored tonight and colored all through my first pregnancy.

  • I'm not going to. But if I had real dyed or bleached hair I would later on... just once to try to get it back to normal. It's probably not good for us anyway, all the chemicals soaking into our scalps! Maybe try Henna... it's more natural, you can find it at health food stores.
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  • Getting my hair highlighted the day after my official 13th week! Waited over three months for this! I have heard as long as the place is well ventilated, they use foils (instead of dye applied straight to your scalp) it should be ok. Of course before I got pregnant I warned my hair stylist that we were trying for a baby and to do something that would be easy to touch up should I want to and the good news is the color still looks great, just want some dimension. :) I think it's up to you, I have heard both ways, and did some research online.
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