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So angry yet relieved....

So here's a little background, at my first ultrasound I was 12 weeks and the doctor scared me because they weren't able to detect the nasal bone and the NT was 2.7. So we had soft downs markers. The bloodwork came back and my odds had decreased, so they waited for the anatomy scan. Well at the anatomy scan everything looked great but they still couldn't find the darn nasal bone. So the doctor offered me an amnio, but I declined. So they had me have a fetal echo and a another ultrasound at 28 weeks. The fetal echo came out fine, WELL the 28 week ultrasound today was perfect as well. The same doctor for my other two ultrasounds came in and he said, he doesnt' see anything of concern, the baby is growing very well and everything looks great! I asked well did you see the nasal bone, he said no, but it's not really concerning either. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? lol....all the extra ultrasounds and the amnio offerings were because YOU couldn't find the nasal bone, and now you aren't concerned. GRRRRR. I'm glad that everything is fine, but why oh why did he put me through all this stress? why?  But I'm glad my little girl is ok and I got some good 3D shots out of it. <sigh> I'm still mad though. LOL!
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Re: So angry yet relieved....

  • Glad everything's ok.  This is why I like my dr.  He shrugs his shoulders and says ah it's probably fine, unless there's obviously a problem.  Neither of us are the type to dig for something to be wrong.  He only does that first u/s so early on to find a heartbeat. 
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  • How frustrating! My doctor and my specialist are both the "if there is a chance something is wrong we want to prepare you" types, so when they said "we will offer you an Amnio if you want one, but we aren't expecting anything to pop up based on your histories, and the ultrasounds of the baby" I knew they really didn't think it was necessary and the news we had was pretty solid.

    Glad everythign is good for you now!

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