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What is your weekly or monthly budget for food. Including lunch, going out to eat, grocery, etc. I feel like DH and I are spending more than the average family. We don't buy processed foods, snack food, sweets or cokes. We both stick to menu planning and don't buy on impulse. So I'm just trying to gauge on what everyone else is spending. Thanks.

Re: Food Budget

  • I buy 90% Organic and we spend $150/week. I am diligent about coupons, meal planning and cooking every night buy Friday or Saturday.
  • Ugh! I'm so long-winded about this subject. I'm sorry for the book-in-reply. :(


    We separate those items in our budget.

    Groceries (edibles only) - $300 --- we eat 80-90% organic. I buy a lot of stuff in bulk (organic versions of staples like rice, beans, peanut butter, jam, frozen veggies, etc.)  I subscribe to the J ohn son's Bac kya rd Ga rde n CSA. Our fresh veggies are supplemented with fruit that is organic but only for the Dirty Dozen (i.e. anything with a peel you'll consume. Ex: I don't buy organic bananas, but I do buy organic grapes.)  This also includes baby formula but not things like diapers and wipes. We cloth diaper now, so I have one big box of Kir k land diapers just for DD's days at MDO that should last until she out grows the upper weight limit for them.

    Eating out/restaurants - $75 --- we really only use this for date night. DH takes his lunch to work 100% of the time.  I have a separate budget line item for food when I'm out with the kids, but that money is also spent on other spur-of-the-moment kid oriented things.

    We go out to eat very rarely.  Any eating out with friends (i.e. I go out with my girlfriends or DH goes out with his buddies) comes out of our personal allowance accounts.

    I save the most money by cooking. I usually make food that I can use in other recipes through the week (for example, on Sundays I'll usually cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker and then use that meat and stock in other dishes through the week.) I also make sure that DH takes leftovers for lunches so that we don't have too much wastage.

    Honestly, extra trips to the grocery are what really ate into our budget.  I tracked our spending for about three months and I was hitting HEB at least 3x a week in addition to my weekly grocery trip. The CSA has been the best thing for us, though. I have fresh produce on hand and it forces me to get creative recipe-wise, though I imagine if anyone hates to cook, a CSA might not be the best option.


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  • Last month we spent $900 on groceries, beer/alcohol and eating out. 
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  • We spend $200 a week on groceries and have a $100/month eating out budget. We eat out a max of one time a week as a family, however DH goes out to eat 1-2 times a week with co-workers, so that gets factored into the eating out budget.

    We buy very little processed food at the grocery store, but I eat tons of chicken, ground turkey, and fish [usually 6 oz. 4x a day] which adds up fast! The rest goes towards mostly fruits/veggies, bulk grains, and a few processed foods for DH and Will.

  • We try to stick to a $500 budget/month for groceries & eating out.  We cut corners where we can in the grocery bill - we don't eat as much organic food as we would like but we simply cannot afford it all the time.  We have another budget of $50/week ($20 for DH, $30 for me & DD) that we can use for discretionary spending..."solo" trips out for lunch & dinner with friends is included in this budget.

    We have frequently gone over this budget & we're in the process of transferring over to a cash-only budget.  We're taking cash out at the beginning of the month and will be putting our credit cards under lock & key.  Hopefully this will really help us with our budgeting since we will literally see the money being spent at each transaction.

  • We spend $500 total per month.  DD doesn't eat as much, but DS eats as much as I do and sometimes as much as DH.  We rarely, if ever go out to eat.  DH always took his lunch with him to work.  We don't eat a lot of pre-processed / prepared foods.  However, the kids do get animal crackers / goldfish / yogurt for snacks.  We don't do a whole lot organic, but we do some.
  • We spend a lot.... or rather I spend a lot since I do all the shopping! Embarrassed

    We average about $200 a week with everything in there (cleaning stuff, diapers etc). I also limit myself to no more than $200 a month ordering through Greenling but $50-100 of that is usually premade meals. $20 may seem like a lot for a meal but it's healthier and less expensive than eating out. Especially when I work back to back nights and would rather sleep than wake up early to start dinner!  I do by a lot of higher end organic and carefully chosen natural food products. I use the "dirty dozen" list as a guideline as to what to buy organic and I try to get the Sprouts organic special.

    We don't have an entertainment budget. We mostly just watch Netflix and play Dr Mario against each other =). Food shopping is my entertainment. I like going to the store or the Farmer's Market when the weather is nice. So for me, it's sort of my fun thing to shop, cook and eat. Frustrating with 2 kids at times but still, I find it fulfilling.

    FYI - we just got back from the RR Farmer's Market at the Dell Diamond. Lots of nummy treats! They have an Indian food vendor and Dish a Licious in addition to the locally grown seasonal produce. Dish a Licious is definitely an expensive treat but still a huge savings and frustration saver compared to eating out. They had some little Red Beans and Rice with pork thing. BOTH kids ate it. That's a miracle.

    DH eats all his lunches out but it really is sort of a business thing for him now, especially since he's a manager. He tries to eat at the office once a week, uses Groupon savings and tries not to go to the really high end places (he works downtown).

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  • Looks like we spend about the same as everyone. I think it's our HEB mid week trips that are getting us. Thanks ladies!

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