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My LO got shoved

Today at the playground not One but two little girls pushed my LO out of the way when my kid was not only there first but they could have used a different way around to chase the kids they were after. I was livid, we were in the little kid area & these kids were more like 5... Where were the parents? I didn't say anything, just took LO to another section of the equipment. Beyond frustrating!! I really wanted to be like, listen you little effers dont put your hands on my child... Internally I totally thought it!

Re: My LO got shoved

  • I whine/bwitch about this all the time!  It is common, I am still just trying to suck it up and get used to the fact that other kids are rude and the other parents just don't care!
  • Ya, it happens and it sucks.  Glad she wasn't hurt!

  •   I've seen Ethan push someone out of the way to get down the slide before. I'm not happy about it but he is 2 and doesn't understand patience and waiting his turn.  It stinks when the kids are twice the size of yours. 
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