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College Football is Starting Soon !!!

I'm so excited I can't stand it, but nervous too since we can't seem to get our crap together the past few years. I guess it helps to have a stable coaching staff (sigh). Hopefully we'll get our team/staff straightened out and win some big games. Good luck to all your teams (unless you're playing mine, of course). Stick out tongue

On a related note, I am certain that LO will decide to come on a game day when we have to fight game day traffic to get through Knoxville. Of course, we have 4 home games in October (Buffalo, Georgia, LSU & South Carolina).

GO VOLS!!! Yes

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Re: College Football is Starting Soon !!!


    I can't wait to dress our LO up in Alabama gear for game days!

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  • Goooo Gators! 
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  • We Are...Penn State!  I can't wait for this weekend for the kick-off of my Nittany Lions!  I love college football!

    We usually go to a few games each year but I highly doubt that will happen this season. Oh well, at least we can watch on tv. I made sure there are tv's in the L&D rooms and recovery rooms at our hospital just in case there's a game on when this LO decides to show up. lol

    GO DUCKS!!!! :) 

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  • I will be unenthusiastically sitting in The Big House Saturday afternoon in my "Future Wolverine Here -----> " shirt... :) Go Blue!
  • I am beyond excited and probably crazy as hell because I have tickets for the first 3 Duck home games but I cant resist tradition.....Go Ducks!
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  • Go VOLS!!!!!

    I am so excited for football to start. I was super excited to find that one of my go to gameday shirts fits over my bump. 

    We got married during the TN/GA game 3 years ago and missed it every year since because we took trips for our anniversary. I think it will be hilarious if he comes during the game. Especially since we live in GA. 

    I heart Ben!!
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  • Woot woot!! LO already has a UGA cheerleading outfit that I can't wait to put on her!!

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  • C--L--E--M--S--O--N T-I-G-E-R-S

    Go Tigers!!! I cannot wait for DS to come so that I can dress him in a football jersey..

    This is going to be a good season for us...1..2..3..4.. Lets go Tigers!!!


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    Goooo Gators! 


    Whoo hoo another Gators Fan!!!  Go GATORS!!!  DH and I are huge fans (even though neither one of us went there lol)  I already have our Gators onesies ready to go for when our son arrives :-)  I am SO upset that we are in a wedding this Saturday and have to miss the first game... I have a feeling I will be hiding my phone on me so I can check the score lol! 

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  • Geaux Elleseaux tigers
  • First....GO VOLS!!

    For some reason, I'm more excited about this season than I have been for recent past seasons.  That's even with knowing that I won't make it to Knoxville for any games this year.  I need LO to come before 10/22 because that's Daddy/Daughter day with my Dad for the UT (me)/Alabama (Dad) game.  We go to the game every year.  This year, I would LOVE to be watching it with Dad and my sweet, little boy!

    **I need to put my minimal sewing skills to the test, and create a onesie that's half UT and half Bama.  haha

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  • Wow I feel Penn State is under-represented here! This will be the first year in a long time that MH and I haven't gone to a game... but we can't wait to dress LO up in his Nittany Lions gear and watch from home. 
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