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Can U/S estimate the length of the cord?

I can't seem to remember what my doctor had said about this.

When my daughter was born, her cord was less than a foot long, and we had no idea. It had her tethered with her head half in/out when I was pushing. I had to push her hard enough to rip the cord. It was pretty scary. If my placenta hadn't been low, she would have been an emergency C-section, or could have died.

 Not pregnant now, but I was just thinking about my birth, and daydreaming about next time. Would I seek a specialist to look into this or to discuss chances of it occurring again? I think so. Did any of you women find out if the cord can be deemed long/short via U/S?


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Re: Can U/S estimate the length of the cord?

  • u/s can't really estimate the length of the cord well.  if they are looking at a gross anatomy scan and see lots of loops of cord they might think it is longer, but short cords are undiagnosed until delivery.
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  • I was actually born via emergency c-section because of this problem, my cord was too short. It's more dangerous and uncommon than a cord being wrapped around the baby's neck. Very scary!

    I asked the tech at my last U/S about this, I was concerned it could be genetic. She said they couldn't "measure" it, as in give an actual length, but they she looked at it and said they were able to tell if it was too short, and reassured me that my baby's wasn't like mine had been. If she thought it was, I think there were other things they could measure to see if it would be a problem, but didn't go into detail since LO's was fine.

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