3rd Trimester

For those who have already given birth before.

I know I've already given birth but I can't seem to remember much about it. lol. 

I know that I was unable to deliver my placenta with DS1 and that they put me to sleep but that's about it. My question is, for those of you who have done this before, do they make you stay in the hospital longer for stuff like that?

How long were you in the hospital after you delievered your LO if there were no complications? My stay was 4 days.. (I left the 4th morning). My MIL thought it was because I was on medicaid at the time and the hospital was trying to get all they could from them.. Idk. Refresh my memory! =) 

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Re: For those who have already given birth before.

  • I don't know about the placenta question, but I do know that my hospital typically keeps uncomplicated, vaginal deliveries for 2 nights. 
  • I had a pretty normal delivery. I had a 3rd degree tear, but that is about it.

    I went in to the hospital on Oct 27 to be induced. DS was born Oct 28 at 4pm. I left the hospital Oct 30 in the morning sometime. So, about 36 hours after birth.

    My friend had a  repeat c-section at the same hospital a week before. She was there closer to 72 hours.

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  • I also had a retaining placenta, but they rushed me to the OR (once DS1 was born) and was there for four hours.  They got it out and stitched me up.  I was still in the hospital for the two days and then went home.  I had lost a lot of blood, and had a tear, but I was ok to not stay there any longer.

    DS2 was a breeze!  Also, only stayed for the the two days and went home. 

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  • I checked in for induction on a Tuesday night. DD was finally born early Friday morning, and we went home Saturday afternoon - around 38ish hours after her birth, if I remember right. The hospital told me I was "allowed" to stay one more night, but I had an easy, uncomplicated delivery and was so sick of being in the hospital that we went home as soon as the OB and pedi cleared both of us to leave.
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  • I bet it depends on the hospital and your insurance.

    I had a gigantor episiotomy and a painful recovery from that. I went in to be induced at 5 AM on a Sunday and I left at around 4 PM on Tuesday. I'm glad they gave me the extra time. (I was also on Medicaid at the time.)

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  • I don't know firsthand about the placenta issue because I had an uncomplicated C-section, but I delivered Tuesday night and went home Friday afternoon. 

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  • I had no complications and my delivery was short and easy. I asked to leave the hospital a day early and they cleared me without saying anything.
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  • I had a normal delivery and stayed 1 night in the hospital

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  • I had a very quick and easy vaginal delivery and asked to go home as soon as possible. We stayed for 24 hours (1 night).
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  • I think 2 nights is standard for uncomplicated vaginal births.
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  • I was discharged 24 hrs after my son way born. I delivered him at 10:08am and I was home by 11:00am the next morning. Although my son stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks.
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  • With DD I was in the hospital for 3 days because I spiked a high fever after she was born, and needed to be on round the clock antibiodics. With DS I stayed a total of 23 hours before they let me go home.


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  • I had an uncomplicated induction and delivery.  I delivered at 11:30p on a Monday and was discharged at 12pm on Wednesday. 
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  • I had DD1 just before 9pm on Friday and was discharged Sunday before noon. My placenta was delivered within 15-30 minutes after birth (at least that's what it seemed like at the time, but I wasn't watching the clock so I don't know for sure).

    ETA: on the Medicare issue, they are more likely to want you out sooner rather than delaying it. Medicare reimbursement rates suck, and it costs them more to keep you there than they'll get reimbursed. Medicaid is even worse. We get reimbursed about 50% on Medicare and about 20% on Medicaid.
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  • My birth with DS, uncomplicated was 2 days. I had him at 7am on a tuesday and checked out the next day. Home wednesday night.
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  • I left 24 hrs after DS was born. That was the soonest that they would discharge us. We just wanted to be home. 
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  • Depends on your doctor, baby's doctor and the hospital. I usually try to get out of there fast. I can't EVER sleep there. For me it is just too noisy. If its not the nurses talking all night outside the door, its the crying babies or even the carts coming down the hall with the squeaky wheels. So I beg my doctor to release me just so I can sleep.


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  • I had DS at midnight on a Wed and we were discharged on Friday afternoon.  The only hold up we had was his circumcision.  I had a normal vaginal delivery with some bleeding.  I wasn't allowed to shower for several hours after he was born while they admin pitocin and monitored me.  Otherwise, everything else was quick and normal.
  • I had a normal vaginal delivery. I went to the hospital Thursday, DD was born Friday at 1:57 a.m, and we left Sunday at noon.

    So after she was born it was 2.5 days if you're counting by hours..

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  • My hospital keeps you for 48 hours after a regular vaginal birth. Since I was admitted on Monday at 6:00 a.m., but didn't have the baby until Tuesday at 3:30 a.m., I wasn't released until Thursday around noon. Had I had the baby on Monday, I would have been released sometime Wednesday afternoon. That extra time was nice to have...
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