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flange size question - don't know what to do

i use size 36mm medela flanges on my pisa, as per my LC's measurement. I ep'd with #1 and they were fine and I've been pumping 6 mos for #2 while at work and they were fine too. absolutely no problem until recently.

For the last 2 weeks, no matter how i position my right boob, it is rubbing on the flange side and becoming raw. it has bled too, but quickly heals. i use a lot of lanolin on that side now, before and after i pump. it doesn't make much of a difference. when baby nurses on the weekend, i do not pump that side for 2-3 days, it heals nearly completely. and then starts again on monday.

i'm not ok with this cycle. today was particularly bad :(

i don't know whether i need to purchase a different size flange, and if so, what size. 

i'm also at the 10 month mark and wouldn't be totally opposed to stopping pumping and providing formula at daycare and nursing morning and night if possible. i hate pumping, and am barely pumping enough to send to daycare anyway, so I also don't love the idea of buying flanges at this point, and i think i had a good run already.


Re: flange size question - don't know what to do

  • I think you answered you're own question: If you hate pumping, and LOs already 10 months old, and you're not opposed to buying formula, I would gradually decrease your pumping on both breasts and call it quits.

    You're right, you did have a good run! Congrats on all your time and energy put into pumping milk for your child! I really admire women like you who do that. I am going back to work next month, and have some milk stashed in the deep freeze from the early days of breastfeeding, and am planning on using that milk first for him during the day. (he will be 10 months old when I go back to work) Then absolutely I will switch to formula. I can't imagine spending my very short 26 minute lunch break to pump milk for him. 

    Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far, and let that poor sore nipple get some healing & TLC!

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  • Hi, this is Katie from Medela and I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. It is very important that you have correctly-fitted breastshields; here is more information: http://bit.ly/j5sGz5  - We recommend that you consult a Lactation Consultant for advice. Feel free to reach out to our LC: http://bit.ly/lc_medelaus
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