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Spotting issues

Does anyone have issues with spotting BEFORE O?  I?m CD13 and I just had some spotting mixed in with CM.  AF stopped about a week ago, so it shouldn?t be leftover from that.  I had this same thing on Sunday, but I chalked it up to BD the day before.  I can?t pin today?s on BD.  My opks have been negative (and I don?t usually O until CD 20ish anyway), so I don?t think it?s ovulation spotting.  I have issues with spotting during my LP so I take progesterone after O is confirmed.  It?s like my body does this stuff to spite me.  I?m tired of spotting all.the.freaking.time.

have my annual visit on Friday so I plan on asking my OB then.  He?ll probably do an u/s to check my ovaries anyway since I have PCOS. 

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  • I had spotting issues before O due to a polyp. (Polyps can sometimes irritate the uterine lining, resulting in spotting.)  Hopefully, the u/s will be helpful in determining what is causing the spotting.  
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  • This isn't normal and should be investigated.
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