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Morning star corn dogs

I remember a post a long time ago where someone said they called Morning Star and they confirmed they quit making them.  I found some at Wal Mart last night but my HEB has never carried them since around the time of that post.  Just wanted to pass along that they are still made but maybe it's just an HEB thing that doesnt carry them.

Re: Morning star corn dogs

  • Some hebs do, we got some not long Ago. I feel like they started making them again. Also, when I went to h e b the other day and they asked if I found everything I told them no and they actually wrote down what I was looking for and said if they decided to stock it it would be in the case next week. Haven't shopped there since but it was something I had seen in other h e bs so. Thought there was a good chAnce they would.
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  • I also saw some at the Tar get on I-35 & 290.
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  • The HEB Plus on 620 and 183 started carrying them again a while ago, much to my delight.


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