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My Hormones Are Raging

I'm sure some of you feel this way - happy/sad/anxious/worried/confused/overwhelmed all in a matter of 5 mins. or all day. 

Lately I have been a bag of emotions, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry, but this hormone kick has been exhausting.   Tongue Tied

I should go back to my yoga DVDs to help me calm down and clear my thoughts.  Anyone else have recommendations on what you do to ease your minds?


Re: My Hormones Are Raging

  • I feel this way too! People are annoying me lately that usually don't. I'm loosing my patience with my DD lately too and I don't even know why. I feel bad because I'm a hormonal mess sometimes but it will all be over soon!! Counting down the days...
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  • So true about the annoyance level.  I was practically biting the head off my coworker who was asking me what time I wanted to go to lunch and run errands with me today.  Embarrassed  I later told her that my emotions were out of place lately, and sorry.
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  • I have been feeling this way as well.  My DH, who has been amazing this entire pregnancy had to go to the ER this weekend for kidney stones.  Well, this week he has been totally of out commission, which is totally understandable.  However, even though I know there is very little that he can help out with being on strong pain killers and having severe pain, I still get very upset when I'm doing everything around the house.  I haven't taken any of my ridiculous issues out on him, but I am afraid if he doesn't start to feel better soon, I might!  
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