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Country Save users- question about amount

How much do you use when you wash your diapers? We have a front load washer and I am never quite sure how much I should be putting in (I use that blue scoop that comes with it).

Do you use soap on the cold wash first, or just the second hot wash?

Do you use the same amount for laundry (if you use that detergent for laundry also)


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Re: Country Save users- question about amount

  • I've actually started using a full scoop in my FL'er. I'm nervous that I'll get build-up issues eventually, since that is FOUR TIMES the amount recommended for diapers... but I've been doing it for a month or so, no issues, and my diapers don't smell as much coming out of the wash.

    I do a "heavy duty" cycle on my FL'er with a hot soak and extra rinse. I don't put soap in the prewash compartment, only the main wash compartment -- so the hot soak has no detergent, only the main wash.

    I only use half a scoop for regular laundry.

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  • First, we have a HE front loader, and really, really hard well water. 

    For the diapers I was using 1/4 scoop, but was having stink issues (experimenting with Tide now)...never occurred to me to up the amount like PP.  My wash routine: cold rinse, hot wash cycle with soap, then second hot wash cycle no soap.

    For regular laundry I use the recommended 1/2 scoop.  DH has been complaining about  underarm stink on his work shirts though, so I may try a different detergent for our regular laundry soon too.

  • We do about 1/3 of a scoop for a CD wash in our HE frontloader, using the whites setting, which does 2 washes and and 2 rinses.  We only use it for diapers.

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