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AIO users- drying question, and size question

Any tips on speeding up the drying process? Since it is hot I have just been air drying but on cold days, it takes forever and I end up air drying at night then drying them forever the next day. Any drying tips?

Also, when did you know it was time to move your LO up to the next size (if you have sized diapers)


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Re: AIO users- drying question, and size question

  • I turn my BG's inside out and hang inside. It still takes forever but not quite as long. I haven't moved up in size yet, but I would think if you are running out of landing strip (for aplix), the rise seems to short or the legs gap would be an indication that it's time to size up.
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  • I think turning them inside out helps too, as previous poster said.  I also try and hang them so the layers are separated (BGE) if that makes any sense...

    DD is about 20 pounds and we are on the medium size.  I am not quite sure when we moved her to that though. 

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