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Jumping sizes.

Has anyone elses LO completely jumped a size?

In DD's case it is with diapers. She went from wearing a huggies size 2, to a huggies overnight size 4 for bedtime in a matter of a week. She was doing fine with the 2's. Then she started peeing through them so we put her in overnight size 3's, within 1 weeks she peed through them about 4 times, so we put her in overnight size 4's. During the day she just got moved to 3's and is doing fine with them. I just find it weird that she had really just started going through the regular 2's (at night)and within a week needed to be in an overnigh 4. Anyone else done this?

Oh, and also. Why is my 9.5 month old baby still wearing clothes that are 0-3? There should be a law about what size something actually is and what the label says. Different brands should only be allowed to run marginally different, not 3 whole sizes different. In that case, I want to wear a 0. Can some company sew a "0" label on to my fattypants please? It would make me feel better about myself.

Seriously though. Anytime anyone asks me what size she's wearing I feel like I have to go through an entire list "well, if you shop here she's this size, if you shop there she's that size, etc etc.."

Anyone else?

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Re: Jumping sizes.

  • My almost 11 month old still wears a lot of 3-6 mo clothes but has a few 12 month items that fit just fine (not too big).  I don't know about the diapers though.  My LO wears Huggies size 3 and probably will for a long time.  She doesn't seem to need the overnights.

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