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1st Trimester

What is the earliest DPO you got your BFP?

I am aware of the chart that gives you the %'s but I wanted to hear real life examples!  TIA!
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Re: What is the earliest DPO you got your BFP?

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  • 16 but I was waiting until my period was due to test, so it could have shown up sooner. It was a very dark line when I tested.

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  • 9dpo. It was very faint. I didn't test any earlier than that.
  • 8 dpo with this pregnancy. My previous 2 BFP did not come until a few days after my missed period.
  • Very faint line at 9DPO

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  • 10DPO

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  • 9DPO but very faint!

  • I wasn't tracking ovulation so can't tell for sure, but I didn't get a BFP until 5 days after I expected to get my period. Took tests every day and they were negative, right up until the evening of the 5th day!
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  • 9dpo, beta was a 6 and the line was barely there. By 12dpo beta was at 48 and the line was clear as day.
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  • Very faint at 10 DPO.  I didn't try before then though.
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  • 9 - 10 dpo.

    Worth noting: the 9 dpo was very, very faint.  We weren't convinced fully until the tests the next day were clearly positive.

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