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Funny FIL story

My FIL can be a bit oblivious sometimes, and usually speaks before he thinks things through completely.  He and MIL were in town this weekend looking for a place to rent in our area, and he saw the u/s pics we put up on the fridge.  He turns to my H and asks "Is this dr_pr's baby?" to which H responds "That's MY baby."  We all knew what FIL meant, he just chose to work it in the most awkward way possible!  I think the best part was the way H reacted--it was a very instantaneous it's my baby too :)

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Re: Funny FIL story

  • That's cute :)  Oh dads....


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  • I would've responded with "oh no, that's his other wife's baby!"

    I haven't gained any weight from being sick, m/s. I told my brother that the other day and he asked " Are you trying to lose weight?" I responded "yeah, I want a slim and trim baby. Chubby babies are overrated". He's clueless!

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  • No, the picture just came with the fridge.
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