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End of Feb moms- are you "showing"?

Im due Feb 29th with my 1st (yay!) and think I am starting to show... is it too early and this is still bloat, or could it be my little bean?  How about you girls?  Anything there yet, lol!

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Re: End of Feb moms- are you "showing"?

  • I'm due the 28th with my first and... I"m kindaaaa showing? definitely bigger, and my DH and I can tell, But my friends all say it looks like I ate too much dinner.... nicee.. I'm excited for it to round out :)
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  • I'm not showing.  I sort of look like I had Thanksgiving dinner. 
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  • I'm due on the 19th... I started to pop during my 13th week.  I'm definitely showing now.  I think it has more to do with your body type and the baby - everyone is different.  I'm sure you're starting to show and it's the little bean, yay!
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  • I'm due the 20th, and I think I popped last week (at least to my husband and I) and this week I definetly look pregnant by the end of the day.  My midwife felt for my uterus last week and it is just below my belly button, and that is exactly where my hard bump is.  It will come soon, don't you worry!
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  • I'm due the 26th and YES, I am showing... but it is my second and I am 5' tall and 100 lbs so there really isn't where for it go but out.
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  • I popped last week but only I can tell. I used to be pretty heavy and I still have leftover baggage in the tummy area. So it's there, but I can only tell from touching.
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  • I am due the 17th, so more mid month, but I am showing a little.  H and I can notice it, but not other people.  If I wear my maternity jeans with the front panel, I look more pregnant.  When I wear the pants with elastic, I just look a little chunky.  
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  • Im due the 24th and not quite showing yet either. I went with the Bella Band today mostly for comfort. I can still button up and wear pants, but its just more comfortable to have the unbuttoned.
  • i'm due on the 28th and am not showing. i can feel my bump now but i only have a tiny bit of pudge sticking out. i wish i had a cute bump but am also glad to be wearing my normal clothes still. i think this is the best timing because i'll only have to buy winter maternity clothes, and not summer too.
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  • I am showing alot to me! it really depends on what I wear, if I wear maternity clothes I look very pregnant but if I wear my pre-prenancy clothes that still fit, but dont button, I look fat or like I ate to much!

    I am bigger in my head than others seem to notice, but a few people that didnt know I was pregnant asked about my baby bump, so I figure I am showing! I am due the 23rd and this is my first!


  • When I compare my 4 week picture to my 12 week picture you can definetly tell that Im pregnant. But I feel like my belly hasnt changed much since 12 weeks, I still feel like Im just looking fat!
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  • I'm due on the 23rd (and this is my second) and I'm not showing...just looks like a beer gut for now. 
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  • I am due at 2/13 and I just look like a chunkster! lol Sometimes you can tell there is a lil bump, but I am just widening, not popping. Still waiting on that twenty week mark. That is when first time moms really start to show and it's not just in their heads. Three more to go!!!
  • I'm in my 15th week, and yes, I'm showing!  For a while I was looking pudgy and my co-workers were whispering "is she or isn't she?" until I told them two weeks ago.  It's definitely a baby bump now, and I don't think my Be band is going to be able to hold up my pants for much longer.  Guess I'll be shopping this weekend!
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  • I due February 13th with my first :) I am really showing. I am out of my old pants and into maternity clothes. I am very small though and didn't have much padding. I don't think the baby had anywhere else to go but out. I started showing around 13 weeks but now at 16 weeks it is very obviouse. My friends think I am going to have a giant baby haha.
  • I am due the twenty ninth as well and i just look tubbier, not with an actual bump.

    i also dont know if it feels hard or not since i have quite the layer of fat. would it feel just firmer than usual or like a beach ball, thats what i want to know. 

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  • Due the 28th and def a no-show. I tried showing it off to my co-worker and good friend this morning.  She said..."are you sure you don't just need to go to the bathroom"  Haha! So nope...nothing there :(

     Although I have another friend due the 29th and she def has an adorable baby bump!

  • I am due on the 28th and I think I am showing a little bit. This is my first so I just kind of feel fat though.
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  • I'm not sure. To me I just look very chubbs. I'm 5'2 and was very petite pp but gained 12lbs since 4wks. So my face is all fat and I'm just chunky now. This is my second so I'm hoping it'll really show soon.

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  • Im due Feb 28th with my first...YAY!!! and im showing... but im 5'3 and weigh 112 so i figured i would start showing early.... and I LOVE my bump!!!
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  • I'm due on the 26th with my first and I'm beginning to show.  I don't do anything to hide it though... in fact, I prefer clothes that show off my baby bump.
  • I'm due Feb 27th, and I already look much further along than that. I have pics in my blog if you want to see. :)

  • I'm due February 23, and while I can tell that I have a bump, most other people can't. My husband can see it sometimes (I swear it comes and goes), and both of my parents commented that I had a "little bump" when I went home last weekend, but most other people can't tell. I'm pretty thin, so I thought I'd be showing by now, but I'm really not.
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