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Back Pain?

I am trying to not let my paranoia get the best of me, and wanted to see if anyone had been experiencing anything like this...I am still early in my pregnancy (about 6.5 weeks) and when I am sitting at my desk I get an ache in the center of my lower back. I had experienced mild period like cramps over the past few weeks, but nothing severe.  They would come and go sporadically. I did feel a quick sharp pain once on what felt like my right side, but it was only for a second.  I have not had any spotting or anything, and have had pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, sore breats, fatique since I found out I was pregnant.  Has anyone else experienced any back pain like this? I am hoping it is just growing pains and hopefully just the result of having an office job and sitting at a desk all day.
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Re: Back Pain?

  • Sounds very similar to me. I don't get the cramps as much now as I did back then, but my Dr and midwife always said, "your body is growing and stretching and your going to have some discomofort with that and as long as it's not severe pain and there's no bleeding, then we aren't worried." I do still have lower back pain though. not bad, but sometimes if I shift how I am sitting or laying it goes away.
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  • Yeah, it seems to be only if I am having to sit for a long time...I went to the movies the other night with my best friend and could not get comfortable:) I'm thinking that is all it is but just wanted to see if there were any other bumpies out there who had experienced this. Thank you!
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  • I got that with my first, when I was sitting at a desk all day. You're body goes through some crazy stuff, even in the very early weeks.
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